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Our attractive points

A traditional Kyoto machiya house along the river Takasegawa

“Relax and tranquillity”

MACHIYA hotel [KYOTO TAKASEGAWA BETTEI] is located along the Takase river.
Once you enter the hotel gate, you will see rock path which sprinkled water to keep down dust and cools down.
You can feel the ancient capital atmosphere through our hotel.
Please enjoy the sound of calm.

Our special features

No keys, no check-out

No annoying check-out procedures will be required.
You will be provided with a 6-digit code randomly selected from
10000 pin codes to access the hotel and your room.
All for your complete relax and traquillity.

With the pin code system no keys will be required.

The soothing fragrance of the cypress bathtub.

The mild warmth of the Japanese wood,
the fragrance of the cypress and the beauty.
To assure all our guests the best relaxation
we opted for a cypress bathtub in each room.
Built specifically for us by a craftsman
from Shizuoka for your relax and your beauty.

Simmons beds for your best sleep.

Rarely provided even in luxury hotels we chose the best quality
Simmons beds for each room.
In harmony with the traditional Japanese tatami room,
a double-mattress bed that will ensure you the best sleep and awakening.

Furniture without compromise

The washbasins are fine Shigarayaki cermics.
Bath and face towels are high quality Imabari towels,
of great absorption and soft to the touch.
For your body care we have chosen L’Occitane’s cosmetics,
which are natural based products from southern France.
We selected all the facilities in the rooms to allow you to enjoy your leisure.

A quiet environment

20 cm thick concrete walls separate each room from the outside noises.
air conditioner, humidifier, microwave oven, refrigerator, kettle
and free wifi service to assure you the silence and the comfort you deserve.
The porcelains are excellent “kyomizuyaki” made especially for us.

The best relax also for the elders

From the entrance stone pavement to the inside corridors,
the floors are designed to avoid the level differences as much as possible.
Flat floors suitable also for those who have deambulation problems.

The typical Kyoto-style breakfast

Breakfast is crucial to start the day in the right atmosphere.
Here at Takasegawa Bettei we serve
the traditional Japanese style Kappo breakfast directly in your room.
A little luxury for your Japanese experience.

* The schedule may vary slightly depending on the season and the reservations.
* Male staff will bring breakfast to your room.

About the interiors