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“Public Acknowledgment of Accommodation Facility Typical of Kyoto” (2021)

July 02, 2022




We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support!

We are proud to announce that in 2021 our hotel, Machiya Hotel Kyoto Takasegawa Bettei, has received, together with Kikuhama Association, the award “Public acknowledgment of accommodation facility typical of Kyoto”.

This award is given to hotels that contribute to the community in harmony with the lives of citizens. Our hotel is working together with Kikuhama Association, which promoted the development of the community’s disaster preparedness, and has concluded an agreement as accommodation facility that can be used in case of calamity, as a temporary and free of charge shelter for local residents in need of extra consideration, such as elderly and disabled people, expecting and nursing mothers and children.

Such effort has been praised and we have received this award.



Hotel Machiya Kyoto Takasegawa Bettei

TEL: 075-365-5060

FAX: 075-365-5061(Reception working hours 9:00~21:00)


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